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PC*Miler Vs MileMaker/Intelliroute

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  • PC*Miler Vs MileMaker/Intelliroute


    We are in the process of buying one of these software(PC*Miler or MileMaker/Intelliroute) to integrate with the OTM. Can anyone tell me which is better in terms of integration and licensing.

    We want to use these software to get miles and time bwt two Zip/locations. Also it should support North America and Europe.

    Thank you in advance.


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    Re: PC*Miler Vs MileMaker/Intelliroute


    I can't tell you which will be better from an licensing perspective -- that all depends on what you're able to negotiate with the software vendors. However, I can give you some information to help the selection:

    The two products which integrate best with OTM are PCMiler and MileMaker (standalone). Note that I'm intentionally leaving out Intelliroute, as only specific versions work with OTM (last tested in 2004) and it requires you to have a Windows OTM Application server, since the integration is DLL based.

    I don't believe that either of these will work for both North America and Europe -- most customers who are working in both continents use PCMiler/MileMaker for NA and Map & Guide for Europe.

    Finally, the choice of your mileage engine is usually based on corporate standards -- many companies (and logistics providers) will standardize on PCMiler or MileMaker -- thus making the decision easier.