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[SOLVED] Using OTM's Optimization features

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  • [SOLVED] Using OTM's Optimization features

    I am trying to use OTM's optimization features. I would like to be able to input a bunch of orders into OTM, then use its optimization features to tell me which method of travel would be cheapest to get to the destination on time. However, in playing around with the software initially I am having problems getting OTM to travel from A to C, given that the only paths are from A to B to C. I have added in locations as well as schedules. I have been using rate inquiry to find the cheapest rates. It will give me the rates from A to B and from B to C, but it will not do A to C. Is OTM capable of making these decisions? If so what must I do to achieve this outcome. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Using OTM's Optimization features

    Hey Josh, OTM is defintely able to do this, but I'm not sure if you mean going straight from A to C or showing A to C in the Rate Inq with a stop at B... so I'm going to assume you are trying to go straight from A to C no stops.

    To be able to go straight from A to C (skipping B), make sure you have an itinerary that allows your shipment to go from A to C with no additional legs - whether it be a generic USA to USA Itinerary or a more specific one (such as city to city or even location to location). Also make sure you have at least 1 rate set up which accomodates the A to C locations. If A and C are in the same zip code, occasionally you have to enter an xlane manually as well depending on the Rate Distance Engine you are using.


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      Re: Using OTM's Optimization features

      What I want to know is if I have location A (source) and C (destination), how I can get from A to C if the only available flights go from A to B (intermediate location) and then from B to C. There are no direct flights from A to C. I want to make my rate inquiry from A to C when the only available path includes an intermediate stop.


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        Re: Using OTM's Optimization features

        After reading the secanario i assume that the shipment is using two different carriers.

        I think in this case we need to consider this as two direct shipments,such as A to B and B to C . The two direct child shipment rates can be map it across to single parent shipment rate.(I.e) consolidation of two rate quires.

        Please confirm whether we can map it or not since am in the process of learning



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          You can easily create the scenario of a shipment starting in loaction A going to destination location C via location B by creating a specific Itineary for this scenario.
          Below is an example that achieves this purpose.

          Create a new itineary:
          In the parameters TAB set
          Perspective "ALL", Itinerary Type "ALL"
          Pick Source and Destination Geo Hierachy to be "LOCATION"

          In the Lane Definitions Tab set
          Set Source Geography to you location "A" and
          Set Destination Geography to you location "C"

          In the List Legs TAB
          Click on "new leg" to create a new leg
          Enter "1" in Sequence Number
          Enter "A_B_C" in the leg name
          Click a Tick in the Primary box
          Enter the rate record youo are going to use for this lane in the "Rate Record ID" field
          In the "Equipment Assignment Type" drop down box, select "Optimize Equipment"
          Scrool down to the section on "Leg Intrim Points"
          Select "All" in the "Intrim Point Option" drop down box,
          insert 1 in the Intrim point Sequence Number field and
          enter location B in the "Intrim Point Location ID" field
          Scrool down to the Compatibility section:
          Select "TL" for truck load in the "*Mode Profile ID" drop down box.
          Enter the equipment to be used in the "Equipment Group Profile ID"
          If this is commodity specific the scrool down to the "Commodities" section
          Enter your commodity_profile in the "*Flex Commodity Profile" field and click on the Save button.
          Click on the save button in the button of this screen and click on the finish button and you are done.
          To test this, create an order that goes from A to C and in the constraints tab enter the new itinerary you just created and click on the finish button.
          Now build you buy shipment and in the stop tab of the buy shipment you will see there are now 3 stops where the intrim point B has the activity "O".
          Hope this was helpfull.