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[SOLVED] Itineraries

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  • [SOLVED] Itineraries

    I am currently trying to route orders by creating itineraries. After reading the help with OTM, I have learned that for each Source and Destination combination a separate itinerary is required. For example, I have three locations A, B, and C. If I create an itinerary that goes from A to B to C in order to drop off or pickup orders at B I would need to create a separate itinerary that just goes from A to B. I have successfully created an Itinerary that goes from A to B to C and when I call the Rate and Route Inquiry it successfully displays my route from A to C. However, when I select my source and destination as A to B it returns no route available. Am I doing something wrong or is my reasoning right that I would need separate itineraries for each source and destination location? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Itineraries

    You don't need to set up different Itineraries as the system suggests. You can use one itinerary for all of your orders but you have to be sure that your origins and destinations fall within that intinerary.
    I. E. Itinerary USA to USA
    Location A Chicago
    Location B Miami
    Location C New York
    You do need to have rates for all of you combinations: A to B, A to C, B to C, etc.
    If you are going to multiple destinations you will need to check the Mutli-Stop Itinerary check box located on the first page of the Itinerary set up.
    Not knowing the exact details that should at least give you what you are looking for.