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Unexplained planning behavior

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  • Unexplained planning behavior

    We are having some strange behavior in our systems. Let me start by giving a bit of background.

    We have three environments. Production (5.5 CU2), Training (5.5 CU2), and Development (5.5 CU3). We wanted to use conditional booking on our TL's so that we could get dates from the trucker of when he would pickup and deliver the load. This is only an issue if loads had 3 or more stops on them.

    When we setup this in our first environment, we noticed that the middle stops were not replanned to fall between our start and end dates. To resolve this issue, we added some steps to an agent that would update the Estimated Arrival and Departure times of the first stop, which would then replan the second stop. We could then back out the changes to the first stop without the second stop reverting. This fixed our issue with 3 stop loads.

    When we moved this live in our production environment (we had waited about a month before moving it live) we did not see the same behavior . Production was not replanning the second stop when the Estimated Arrival and Departure were updated. The first thing we did was we went back to our training and development environments, and found that now they weren't replanning the second stop either.

    Bewildered and discouraged we were unable to find what had changed, and learned to accept the fact that we needed to function differently now with multistop loads.

    Yesterday alarmed me. I discovered that both Training and Development are again replanning the second stop, although it is not currently happening in production.

    The only thing that I see the same was that we modified planning parameters in both of the windows of change, however the parameters that we changed have absolutely nothing to do with dates or times, but have to do with weights of the shipment. How could this change that?

    I am now concerned that our production environment could change on us as the other two environments have. We have compared saved queries, agents, and planning parameters, and have yet to discover any differences between our environments that could have done this.

    Where should I look to find these differences? Does anyone have any idea what might be going on? Any help you could offer would be wonderful. Thank you.

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    Re: Unexplained planning behavior

    Well, since we couldn't figure out what was causing the difference between our environments, we have scheduled a clone from production to over top of our training environment for tomorrow morning. Hopefully our inconsistancies will go away after this.