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Agents-refnumber From Order Release To Shipment

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  • Agents-refnumber From Order Release To Shipment


    I have a scenario where the refrence number from the order release need to flow to the shipment that is created .

    I have created an Agent as Below .

    Agent Type = Order Release

    Agernt Event is Build Buy shipment

    Action : Copy Refnum from Order release

    Associated Object : -Order Release to shipment .

    But when i create a shipment the refnumber from order release is not flowing to shipment.

    I have created the same refnumber qualifier for both order release and Shipment .


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    Re: Agents-refnumber From Order Release To Shipment

    In our environment, we have a similar action, but we have it setup from the shipment side. The agent is a shipment type, and on the event Shipment - Created by internal or user, we copy refnums to shipment. Our association is Shipment to Order Release, and it works under those conditions for us.


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      Re: Agents-refnumber From Order Release To Shipment


      We also copy refnums from the order release to the shipment, but we do this from a shipment agent, rather than an order release agent.

      The agent event is: SHIPMENT - CREATED.

      Athe action is: COPY REFNUMS TO SHIPMENT.
      The associated object is SHIPMENT TO ORDER RELEASE

      So when we copy the BULLETIN_NBR from the order release to the shipment, it looks like this in the agent:


      Note: That if you have more than 1 order release on the shipment it attempts to copy the refnum for each order release. If it is a duplicate, you will see an exception in the log, but it WILL NOT stop the agent from running. Also if you have multiple of the requested refnum, or different values for the refnum from different order releases, you will get mutiple refunums on the shipment.

      We now have so many refnums that we copy from location and order release, that I am now working on calling a stored procedure to do the copy rather than using the agent action to do so. I am doing this for 2 reasons: 1) to avoid all the duplicate key exceptions in the logs. 2) we have some refnums where instead of adding multiples of the same refnums, the user wants 1 refnum with the values concatenated and delimeted by commas on the shipment. Also because our agent is quite large and there is a 99 line limit, so by doing all the copies in the stored procedure, I can make the agent smaller and allow for other logic.

      I hope this helps.



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        Re: Agents-refnumber From Order Release To Shipment

        Just to give you some backgroud into the cause of the error.

        The event is triggered before the Buy Shipment is created completely. You can either create the agent on the buy side (SHIPMENT - CREATED), or you can use try triggering the agent on a status changed event, and use the PLANNING status type.

        You may run into issues here if you are using ORDER MOVEMENTS though.

        In response to Janice, we also use a lot of agents to copy refnums and the likes. We use Direct SQL updates to do this also, but a simple stored procedure would be even easier.
        James Foran
        Toll Global Information Services