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Itinerary restriction - maximum weight does not work

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  • Itinerary restriction - maximum weight does not work

    Hi all,

    In the version 6.2.5 the restriction Maximum Weight in the itinerary config does not work.

    My Scenario:
    My client wants to restrict the maximum weight for a set of customers due to complexity to manage the materials once the vehicle is full, however the equipments available in the route are able to load more than this value.

    All the order releases in this region have a manul itinerary as restriction. I tried to set the maximum weight in this itinerary, but it didn't work.

    Is there any other way to set a maximum weight for shipments with no changes in equipments and rates?

    Thank you

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    Re: Itinerary restriction - maximum weight does not work

    I think this is how it has always been. Below will resolve your issue.

    Try the following:

    Create itinerary profile, with compatible checkbox and add your itinerary in it.
    In order release, instead of choosing buy fixed itinerary, enter itinerary profile
    try planning again and check if it fails in planning now.

    Order Release when constraint by a fixed itinerary do not apply the itinerary header tab constraints because it is assumed that order will go only on this itinerary.

    With itinerary profile, OTM is not forced to go with one itinerary but ask engine to evaluate the itineraries and hence it fails in constraint evaluation.
    Thanks and Regards
    Anurag Saini


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      Re: Itinerary restriction - maximum weight does not work

      Thank you for answer Anurag.

      I've done as your suggestion but OTM still not respect the constraint and some orders smaller than restriction failed during the planning.
      Also, I had to change the itinerary to Active and this can impact other scenarios.
      I will perform more tests using itinerary profile and let you know, in fact it has a different impact in the planning.

      Thank you again


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        Re: Itinerary restriction - maximum weight does not work

        Hi Ricardo,

        You can try exploring equipment capacity overrides if this suits your business need. You can restrict equipment capacity based on mode or equipment. Set this up on your itinerary leg and this should solve your problem. The itinerary can stay as Manual.