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Check all modes when auto-retendering

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  • Check all modes when auto-retendering

    Does anyone know of a way to accommodate the scenario where when a tender times out, OTM checks all modes first before moving to next cheapest within the original mode.

    So Shipment is tendered to ABCD who is TL carrier for $500. Tender times out. Next TL carrier in line is $800 but there is a Intermodal (IMDL) carrier for $600. So different mode. I want it to choose that IMDL carrier before the TL carrier.

    I have tried property of ignore SP Mode but that only helps when you use the action of change service provider.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    Re: Check all modes when auto-retendering

    Update: This is an ER that was logged via metalink with Oracle in jan of 2012. If you are reading this if you can take a minute and log an sr with this same issue so we can get the volume of people logging this ticket and it can go into effect in a future release. As it stands there is not enough tickets on this subject to warrant it.

    Enhancement Request Bug 13618776


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      Re: Check all modes when auto-retendering

      Good to know Nick. Thank you for the update!
      Thank You,

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        Hi Nick,

        There is parameter called FIND RATE OFFERING RULE SET for which you need to change the default rule set, which you will find as roset1, in this rule set you will find Rate Offering Mode Rule which is actually driving this processing at looking the mode related rates, if you remove this then you will be able to achieve your solution.
        The path to create your own rule set is Configuration and Administration > Power Data > General > Rule Sets and copy the default rule set roset1 by keeping the rules you would like to keep and create a new one. Then go to Shipment Management --> Power Data --> General --> Parameter Set and change the value of your domain parameter FIND RATE OFFERING RULE SET.

        I hope this works for you, if not then keep us updated, Thanks