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[SOLVED] Ship Unit numbering sequence

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  • [SOLVED] Ship Unit numbering sequence

    When entering an Order Release that is 75,000 lbs with 38 pallets of the same product where each pallet has the same weight - OTM will create two shipments.

    The issue comes when OTM separates the pallets onto the shipments.

    OTM is NOT choosing pallets 001 - 022 for the first shipment and 023-038 for the second shipment. It seems to randomly pick pallets so the first shipment will have 001, 002, 004, 006, 007 etc.

    All pallets are pre-marked with a sticker with the numbers 001-038 and placed in locations on the warehouse floor. We are using the BOL for the material handlers to load the trucks and they have to sort through 38 pallets to find the pallet that matches their BOL, rather than just choosing pallets 001 through 022 for the first shipment and the remainder for the second shipment.

    We would like OTM to separate shipments via ascending order.

    Has anyone experienced this issue? If so, how did you resolve?

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    Re: Ship Unit numbering sequence

    Hi - I would check the following:

    1. Are the weight and volume values on your order release ship unit all the same ? They may look the same in the UI, but it is worth checking that all of the weight and volume values in the database are the same as well. I believe the relevant columns are (ship_unit.unit_weight, ship_unit.unit_weight_base, ship_unit.net_weight, ship_unit.unit_net_weight_base, ship_unit.unit_volume and ship_unit.unit_volume_base).

    2. When the shipments are being built, are the types of shipment equipment that are being selected for each shipment the same in terms of the weight and volume capacity ?

    3. Check the insert date and time of the order release ship units ? Is this order the same as the ship unit ID ?

    My understanding is that the ship units should get sorted in descending order of weight / volume (depending how your conopt settings are configured) during the process when OTM is deciding which ship units get assigned to which pieces of shipment equipment. All else being equal, it will probably take the ship units in the order in which they are created in the DB or the ship unit ID.

    Re-post with your findings.


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      Re: Ship Unit numbering sequence

      Oracle replied that this issue was a bug and they are creating a patch for us now.

      We did find out with the help of bmj_23 that if you make ship unit 001 a larger weight than ship unit 038 OTM will order them based on weight.