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Shipment ship unit split into pieces

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  • Shipment ship unit split into pieces

    We notice that in certain cases shipment ship units (S_SHIP_UNIT) are split into multiple ship unit pieces (S_SHIP_UNIT_PIECE), which is clearly visualized in the load config and hence raising questions by end users (too many cases on the truck).

    OTM help / manual indicates that the 'Bulk Splittable' & 'Count Splittable' might have something to do with it, but only 'Count Splittable' is checked & 'Ship Unit Count' = '1.00' ... a combination which according to the help manual should not lead to splitting.

    Table S_SHIP_UNIT_PIECE data analysis indicates that 2.26% of all ship units seem to have been split into more than one ship unit piece

    Need help with the following questions:
    * How come ship units are being split into pieces?
    * How to prevent this from happening again?

    Click image for larger version

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    Re: Shipment ship unit split into pieces

    Hi Wimbos, Were you able to find a solution to this issue? We also faced the same issue out of the blue. Were you able to find out the cause of this? Any guidance would be helpful.


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      Re: Shipment ship unit split into pieces

      In the mean time this problem has occurred twice more for us, where it always comes and goes. We usually only notice the aftermath once the system no longer reacts like that so have never been able to pinpoint the rootcause, reason why or solution.

      Looking back at all the data we've collected related to these moments in time, I do however see similarities which point into a load balance caching issue triggered by an upload (integration) of business agents: problem has always occurs for bluk plannings on one specific node after having uploaded business agents & the problem is always resolved after bouncing of the system.


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        Re: Shipment ship unit split into pieces

        Thanks for this information.Did you contact oracle regarding this? Or any other thoughts. We are using repacking along with 3D load configuration. for certain instances, we see that OTM is splitting the shipment ship units and loading it across the equipment.



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          Re: Shipment ship unit split into pieces

          Yes, we contacted Oracle support but we had to catch an occurrence red handed (including diagnostics & log). So far we have always noticed this behaviour when it was too late (system bounced) and so unable to deliver the required input.

          Do you also have multiple nodes? If so, can you validate if all the corrupted shipment bulk plans are always linked to one specific node? If you are able to reproduce the issue, can you please contact Oracle support and provide them the necessary details? Please let me know if you ever find the root cause behind this...


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            Re: Shipment ship unit split into pieces

            Yes, we have contacted Oracle and the usual process of back and forth for the logs and details is going on..We need to see if this for a particular node.. This issue as u say is very hard to pin point and find the exact point. But the conopt log says the ship units dimensions and the equipment are feasible and then goes on to say that order is too big for all the equipment options and splits it. Do you also notice tht sometimes there is an exception and the bulk plan fails because OTM is trying to insert the same shipment ship unit into s_Ship_unit_piece table again and again and it fails to commit the shipments?

            insert into s_ship_unit_piece (s_ship_unit_gid,piece_number,loading_sequence,sta cking_layer,orientation_gid,x_coordinate,y_coordin ate,z_coordinate,domain_name,total_top_weight,is_s plit,length,width,height,weight,volume,volume_uom_ code,weight_uom_code,height_uom_code,width_uom_cod e,length_uom_code,total_top_weight_uom_code,z_coor dinate_uom_code,y_coordinate_uom_code,x_coordinate _uom_code,volume_base,weight_base,height_base,widt h_base,length_base,total_top_weight_base,z_coordin ate_base,y_coordinate_base,x_coordinate_base) values (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,? ,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?) at [MATEU.-20160525-131200, 1, 1, 1, UPRIGHT LENGTHWISE, 0.0 FT, 0.0 FT, 0.0 FT, MATEU, null, N, null, null, null, null, null]
            Cannot add the S_SHIP_UNIT_PIECE record. [S_SHIP_UNIT_GID, PIECE_NUMBER] must be unique


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              Re: Shipment ship unit split into pieces

              Conopt log logic seems similar to our findings, but I have no recollection of having run into the bulk plan uniqueness error before.

              The following query might help you monitor all impacted cases, along with machine bluk plan information:

              -- Shipments with single count ship units with multiple pieces
              WITH ship_unit_piece_x
              AS ( SELECT sup.S_SHIP_UNIT_GID
              FROM S_SHIP_UNIT_PIECE sup
              GROUP BY sup.S_SHIP_UNIT_GID
              HAVING COUNT(*) > 1
              , ship_unit_x
              AS ( SELECT sun.S_SHIP_UNIT_GID
              FROM S_SHIP_UNIT sun
              , ship_unit_piece_x sux
              WHERE sun.S_SHIP_UNIT_GID = sux.S_SHIP_UNIT_GID
              AND sun.SHIP_UNIT_COUNT < 2
              , shipment_stop_d_x
              AS (SELECT DISTINCT
              , ssd.S_SHIP_UNIT_GID
              FROM SHIPMENT_STOP_D ssd
              , ship_unit_x sux
              WHERE ssd.S_SHIP_UNIT_GID = sux.S_SHIP_UNIT_GID
              SELECT obs.DOMAIN_NAME "Domain"
              , obs.SHIPMENT_XID "Shipment"
              , otm.TRANSPORT_MODE_XID "Transport mode"
              , ost.SHIPMENT_TYPE_XID "Shipment type"
              , osp.SERVPROV_XID "Service provider"
              , ols.LOCATION_XID "Source location"
              , old.LOCATION_XID "Destination location"
              , bpa.BULK_PLAN_XID "Bulk plan"
              , ama.APP_MACHINE_XID "Machine"
              FROM SHIPMENT_STOP_D ssd
              WHERE obs.SHIPMENT_GID = ssd.SHIPMENT_GID
              ) "#Ship units"
              , (SELECT COUNT(sdx.S_SHIP_UNIT_GID)
              FROM shipment_stop_d_x sdx
              WHERE obs.SHIPMENT_GID = sdx.SHIPMENT_GID
              ) "#Ship units x"
              , (SELECT SUBSTR(LISTAGG(ssu.S_SHIP_UNIT_XID, '; ') WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY 1), 1, 2000)
              FROM shipment_stop_d_x sdx
              , S_SHIP_UNIT ssu
              WHERE obs.SHIPMENT_GID = sdx.SHIPMENT_GID
              AND sdx.S_SHIP_UNIT_GID = ssu.S_SHIP_UNIT_GID
              ) "Ship units w multiple pieces"
              , obs.INSERT_DATE
              FROM SHIPMENT obs
              , TRANSPORT_MODE otm
              , SHIPMENT_TYPE ost
              , SERVPROV osp
              , LOCATION ols
              , LOCATION old
              , BULK_PLAN bpa
              , APP_MACHINE ama
              AND obs.SHIPMENT_TYPE_GID = ost.SHIPMENT_TYPE_GID (+)
              AND obs.SERVPROV_GID = osp.SERVPROV_GID (+)
              AND obs.SOURCE_LOCATION_GID = ols.LOCATION_GID (+)
              AND obs.DEST_LOCATION_GID = old.LOCATION_GID (+)
              AND obs.BULK_PLAN_GID = bpa.BULK_PLAN_GID (+)
              AND bpa.APP_MACHINE_GID = ama.APP_MACHINE_GID (+)
              FROM shipment_stop_d_x sdx
              ORDER BY obs.INSERT_DATE DESC


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                Re: Shipment ship unit split into pieces

                We are chasing this with Oracle and have supplied them with the server logs and frequency of occurrences. Thanks for the query, I Will keep you posted what is the feedback.