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Secure Resources by Planner but No Tender

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  • Secure Resources by Planner but No Tender

    How can I configure a service provider to be available to receive a secure resources by planner, but not be available by secure resources? I want the trucker to get the tender confirmation but not the tender. We have a rate record setup for a trucker for usa to usa but he is not available for all of those shipments. Instead we are only going to secure resources by planner for that provider, but if we do a secure resources on a load, we don't want that provider to be included in the list of providers to tender through.

    I tried turning of the Allow Tender checkbox, but that didn't allow me to do what I want. Does anyone know how I could do this, or at least which way I should be looking to figure it out?

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    Re: Secure Resources by Planner but No Tender

    Is it the case that for some lanes you do want to plan shipments with this servprov and for others you don't? In that case you need to make your geo-hierarchies on the rate record more specific than usa-usa.

    Or is it the case that the servprov that is not allowed in the tender process is only used in exceptional cases? Is a manual workaround acceptable in that case? If so, you can have a look at the active flag at the Rate Offering. Then this carrier won't be used during normal planning but you can force a shipment to this carrier by including a constraint or use some of the shipment - change servprov actions (haven't tested that).

    Third option would be to look at using rate quality and penalize this specific carrier.
    Rob van Haaster

    MavenWire Europe


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      Re: Secure Resources by Planner but No Tender

      It is only one carrier, and we are looking to never have him considered at all in the tender process, but always available for secure resources by planner. Wouldn't we have to activate the carrier to sec res by planner?


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        Re: Secure Resources by Planner but No Tender

        In that case, The later solution suggested by rvhaaster should work.

        One more option could be to
        1. Define a Service provider profile for this carrier
        2. Uncheck the Compatible flag on the Service provider profile.
        3. Assign this service provider profile in Constraints tab on order release (you can use some form of automation for this)
        The service provider will then be excluded for Planning process.



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          Re: Secure Resources by Planner but No Tender

          I think that the way that we are going to look to go is to change the rate quality for the provider. We already have a fake carrier in that allows us to build all shipments (so we don't get an error that no rate record is setup for a lane), and we have an agent set that withdraws the tender when it gets to that fake trucker. So our plan is to put the new carrier in as lower than the fake one, never allowing the tender process to get that far. Thanks for your suggestions.