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Assign Rate to SAW without re-calculating transit times

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  • Assign Rate to SAW without re-calculating transit times

    Hi everyone,

    Question for you all: How can I rate a SAW when a shipment actual is received without re-calculating transit time? I've looked at the properties and planning parameters and can't find anything that looks promising. Maybe I missed something?

    Background: We receive a Shipment As Work on a standard Actual Shipment XML via integration from our 3PL. The shipment indicates the actual service provider along with the actual departure time from the first stop as well as the estimated arrival for the downstream stops. These are all multistop shipments. Along with a lot of other data vaildation, our automation agents perform the "assign rate" action to the shipment. Unfortunately this also recalculates the transit times and updates/overwrites the estimated stop arrival times received on the SAW. I tried the "recalculate cost" action, but it doesn't give me the rates back. I do want these estimated times to be updatable from subsequent status updates, just not recalced when trying to rate on initial receipt.

    In addition to receiving SAWs we also do our own shipment planning and tendering for other order types in this same domain.

    All feedback is most appreciated.

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    Re: Assign Rate to SAW without re-calculating transit times


    WE have also had this issue. To resolve it, set the IS_FIXED_ARRIVAL and IS_FIXED_DEPARTURE in the SHIPMENT_STOP table using an DIRECT SQL Statement to "Y"

    This should fix your issue.

    Best of luck.


    James Foran
    Toll Global Information Services