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[SOLVED] Build Sell Charges from Buy Side Costs

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  • [SOLVED] Build Sell Charges from Buy Side Costs

    Has anyone use this functionality?

    I found documentation in the help files, but it seems to be a bit incomplete as to how to set this up. We would like to test this for future use, but I am uncertain as to my next step.

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    We have not yet implemented this, but did do some research in planning to do so. So having said that, for what it's worth, I am hearing that the best way to create Sell Shipments is first to WAIT as long as possible in the process because if you create the Sell-side too early, syncronizing it after changes on the Buy-side is a nightmare. Having said that, then the the thing to do is to look for an OTM event that happens to all Buy-side shipments (such as the status changing to ENROUTE_ENROUTE, for example) and use that to create the Sell-side shipment.
    One thing our users want is to have some visibility to what the Sell-side revenue will look like on a buy shipent ASAP, however. Again due to other priorities, we have not fully tested this yet, but I am planning to try building a sell shipment early in the process and have an agent go in and query the cost off that shipment to "harvest" it and apply it as a refnum on the Buy-side, then go in and delete the sell side shipment--planning for it to be permenantly created later in the process. The thing I really have not thought through on that is how / when if we should update the cost stored as the refnum value to keep it in sync as we change various things on the Buy-side.

    I know this is not completely thought through, but I hope this helps!

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      We just implemented this scenario succesfully. We move loads for a customer for the cost of the Buy shipment + $25.
      We created a milestone template that monitors when a Buy shipment is created, We then have a condition that checks if this shipment was built from an order in that specific domain. If yes the following takes place:
      in this template we then added an action that monitors when the shipment has delivered at the last stop and then the following actions are performed

      Allocate Shipment Planning (This allocates the buy shipment)
      Bulkplan sell Shipment (Will remove old sell shipment and build new from the allocated buy costs)

      Then in the rate records for these lanes we have the rate cost
      and then an additional charge of the fixed amount we are getting paid for the movment.



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        Re: Build Sell Charges from Buy Side Costs

        Hi Runi,

        We're wondering if you could help clarify a couple of things in the help instructions as we're interested in setting this up. Is this an agent we need to setup or can we configure it in OTM within rate records? The reason we ask is because we can't seem to locate some of the fields described in the help, if you could kindly point us in the right direction we'd certainly appreciate it. Thanks for your help!



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          Re: Build Sell Charges from Buy Side Costs

          Hi Kee,
          You can set this up in an agent and a rate record or rate offer. The reasson why I am using a mile stone monitor is that our buy shipments sometimes get added lumber fees and other accessorial charges after the trip has completed. So we set the milestone monitor up to execute 4 days after delivery anticipating all cost to the buy shipment should have been added by then. Then I have created a saved query and condition for the domains that are to be handled like this and I use this condition in the mile monitor to execute the actions if the orders of the shipment belong to the domains specified in the saved query that the saved condition is refering to.
          Saved condition: Name= Admin_Fee_For_Domain_XXXXX,Type = SHIPMENT
          Saved Condition: Name = Admin_Fee_For_Domain_XXXXX, Saved_query=Admin_Fee_For_Domain_XXXXX.
          In my case all sell shipments in these domains are to be built with the the total cost of the buy shipment and added an admin fee, this admin fee should be created under "Contract and Rate Managment-->power data--> Rates And Codes-->Accessorial Codes" in the public domain and remember to tick the Always apply box. Loged in as admin in the domain that is to be charged this admin fee in the same power data section add a new accessorial cost too and insert the admin fee you want to charge in the "charge Amount" field and select per basis to be shipment and in the Charge Group field enter a new group, e.g. admin_fee_domain_name.
          Then while loged in as admin in the domain where this admin fee is to be charged go to "Contract and Rate Managment-->Rate Offer" and edit the rate offer to be used and under the tab Accessorials enter the newly created Accessorial Code ID and the the newly added Accessorial Cost ID and click on save and Finish. This setup the rate structure.
          To create the business logic create an agent or a millestone monitor, assuming you are going to do this via an agent I will explain the setup for the agent:
          Create a new agent that builds the sell shipment when the buy shipment changes status to Secure Resource accepted. Create an agent
          Agent ID=add admin_fee_to_domain_xxxx
          Agent Type= SHIPMENT
          Agent Events
          Saved Condition= Admin_Fee_For_Domain_XXXXX
          Run As=USER ROLE
          Action: ALLOCATE SHIPMENT
          Action: BULK PLAN SELL-SIDE SHIPMENT: With Order Mode
          Error handler:
          NOTIFY CONTACT: you username, Agent Failed to build Sell
          Send me an email on [email protected] and I will be happy to send you screen shots of the setup and explain it in more detail.
          Hope this helped.


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            Re: Build Sell Charges from Buy Side Costs

            Thanks Runi so much for your help! Will email you if I need more detailed help with this. Thanks again!