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Parcel Rating in 5.5 cu4

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  • Parcel Rating in 5.5 cu4

    According to the CU4 version parcel rating is possible in OTM. However we are unable to configure the setups for parcel rating.

    The following scenario is being modelled:

    We have an order whose total weight is 1000 LB which meets the requirement for being a hundredweight shipment.There is an additional requirement that the per package minimum weight be >=15 pounds.So even in case you have 100 numbers of packages of 10 lb each, you are not meeting the 'per package minimum weight' requirement of 15 lb. This shipment’s chargeable weight will be:

    100 (number of packages) * 15 (minimum per package weight) = 1,500 pounds

    The hundredweight rated shipment cost becomes:

    1,500 pounds (based on per package minimum weight) * .5 (per pound cwt rate-assumed) = $750
    So customer is needed to pay for 1500 Lb instead of 1000 Lb

    The above is a typical parcel rating scenario. Please advise on how should this be setup in OTM.
    Divya Bhansali