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Configuring rate records for Czarlite Rating engine?

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  • Configuring rate records for Czarlite Rating engine?

    Hi all,

    As per our understanding, Cazarlite rating engine requires following inputs to give base rates
    • source and destination zip code
    • nmfc class
    • gross weight
    In OTM, we have configured Base rate offering as - 'LTL SMC' with external rating engine configured as SMC. Base rate record is country to country(USA to USA) with no rate cost defined.

    Should we have differrent master rate records for each lane service by service provider or just one 'country to country' - as czarlite will give rates based on source and destination zip codes of the shipment. [ assuming same discount for all lanes]

    In other words, if service provider service 10 different lanes wiothin USA, should we make 10 deifferent rate records with same discount or single rate record (USA to USA) will suffice?

    Thanks & Regards
    Nipun lakhotia
    Nipun Lakhotia
    Manager, EY

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    Re: Configuring rate records for Czarlite Rating engine?

    By having one rate record, USA to USA, you will receive rating on more than just the 10 lanes that the carrier services. I would suggest having 10 rate records for the 10 individual lanes.


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      Re: Configuring rate records for Czarlite Rating engine?


      We too are using SMC as our rating engine for LTL shipments. After creating a Rate Offering of type 'LTL-SMC' per carrier, we are also defining the SMC discounts on the attributes tab of the rate offering itself. Assuming that all the lanes under that Rte Offering use the same discount, we need to create as many rate records as no of lanes and define the lanes in the RR. Do We also need to define a Master Rate Offering?

      In other words, if I have a Rate offering of Type 'LTL-SMC' can we directly create rate records under this or do we need to create a Rate Offering of type 'LTL Master' which refers to the 'LTL-SMC' rate offering and then create Rate Records under the MAster Rate Offering?

      Thanks in advance