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[SOLVED] Canadian Postal Codes / Lat/Lon

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  • [SOLVED] Canadian Postal Codes / Lat/Lon


    Has anyone worked with Canadian postal codes to ship intra-Canada?

    I am having problems as we currently used PC-Miler 15 US only so some mileages are included but not postal codes. If I setup an attribute of Lookup only and create a distance between a location and a State/Province, the rate is not getting picked up.

    Also, many locations do not have a lat/lon which affects the bulk plan process for rating of direct shipments (not doing m/s at this point). I have purchased GreatData postal codes but without lat/lon and I am not sure if I should use GreatData, PC Miler, or Lookup only. However, the later is not kicking in.

    Any thoughts? Anything that I can provide to help. If I do an RQI and enter the rate record, the correct location to province rate is generated but not otherwise.

    Thanks, Henry