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Cost Difference on Change Service Provider Dropdown

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  • Cost Difference on Change Service Provider Dropdown

    We have an issue with the costs that are showing on the CHANGE SERVICE PROVIDER dropdown list.

    A BUY shipment is built and the low-cost or preferred carrier is assigned. When you go to ACTION>CHANGE SERVICE PROVIDER>CHANGE SERVICE PROVIDER you will see the list of carriers that are available for that lane. The list shows the carriers at a particular cost and some of those costs are incorrect. If I choose one of the carriers that is displaying an incorrect cost and pull them into the shipment, the correct cost then displays on the shipment.

    There are no RATE QUALITY FACTORs involved in the rating. we are using RATE PREFERENCE functionality on some of the lanes but this issue is also showing on lanes with no RATE PREFERENCE.

    Please let me know if you need more details. Has anyone seen this issue before?


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    Re: Cost Difference on Change Service Provider Dropdown

    More information. We have discovered that the BULK PLAN is not taking into account the FAKs that have been entered on the rate offerings. When you go to CHANGE SERVICE PROVIDER the system then takes into account the FAK and that is where the cost change comes into play and the correct costs are then displayed on the shipment.

    I can see in the BULK PLAN where the FAK is not being taken into account. The extract is below:

    rateQualityGID: null [batch]
    RateEngineDetails flexCommodityProfileGID: null [batch - 2]
    RateEngineDetails flexCommodityQualifierGID: null [batch - 2]
    RateEngineDetails weightBreakProfileGID: null [batch - 2]
    RateEngineDetails isDiscount: true [batch - 2]
    RateEngineDetails isBase: false [batch - 2]
    RateEngineDetails baseRateOfferingGID: CZAR_0199 [batch - 2]
    RateEngineDetails stopsIncludedInRate: 0 [batch - 2]
    RateEngineDetails regionGroupGid: null [batch - 2]
    RateEngineDetails REShipment: <fake> [batch - 2]
    RateEngineDetails distance: null [batch - 2]
    RateEngineDetails weight: 377.0 LB [batch - 2]
    RateEngineDetails volume: 0.0 CUFT [batch - 2]
    RateEngineDetails type: TRANSPORT [batch - 2]
    RateEngineDetails Shipment:

    Here is the log from the CHANGE SERVICE PROVIDER:

    shipUnitSpeciGID: null
    flexCommodityCode: 55.0
    flexCommodityQualifierGID: NMFC_CLASS
    sShipUnitGid: 001
    sShipUnitLineNo: 1
    weight: 377.0 LB
    volume: 0.0 CUFT
    trackingTag1: null
    trackingTag2: null
    trackingTag3: null
    trackingTag4: null
    orLineGid: 001
    orderReleaseGid: 001
    orderBaseGid: null
    packagingUnitGid: null
    packagingUnitCount: 0
    itemPackageCount: 1
    declaredValue: 0.0 USD
    packagedItemGid: PALLETS
    hazmatItemGid: null
    receivedWeight: null
    receivedVolume: null
    receivedItemPackageCount: 0.0


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      Re: Cost Difference on Change Service Provider Dropdown

      After thorough discussions with Oracle, we have determined that this is a BUG and they are in the process of determining a fix.