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[SOLVED] Parcel Shipment Rating

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  • [SOLVED] Parcel Shipment Rating

    Does anyone rate parcel shipments within OTM? If so, do you use an external rating interface or a rate schedule provided from these carriers? We are looking into the capabilities of OTM and rating these shipments. Any feedback would be appreciated...Thanks,

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    Re: Parcel Shipment Rating

    OTM has a very, very, flexible rating engine - it can handle the vast majority of rating scenarios that you would expect to see during an implementation.

    If you post the scenario you are trying to model / rate on here, I am sure someone can advise the best way to do that using the rating engine.


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      Re: Parcel Shipment Rating

      There were two scenarios which I was thinking: a external rating inquiry or setup like a SMC rating scenario like LTL. Does anyone have any experience with using an external rating engine to retrieve rates? Could these inquiries be done during the bulk planning? Initially requesting the rates from a parcel carrier like SMC I am thinking this will be a huge file and will slow the system down during the rating process.


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        Re: Parcel Shipment Rating

        If you are looking to use an external rating engine, then the best starting point is the OTM Administration Guide (available via the on-line help).

        This has details on setting up and configuring PCMiler, Rand Mcnally IntelliRoute, Rand Mcnally MileMaker and SMC RateWare.

        If you go in to the on-line help and search for SMC, you will see a world of helpful information on configuring OTM for SMC rates.


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          Re: Parcel Shipment Rating

          Something to be aware of is that the Surface Transportation Board (STB) has ruled to eliminate the antitrust immunity for the NCC's classification effective September 4 2007:

          This ruling may impact the LTL rating basis but it is still uncertain. More information can also be found in the SMC website:
          SMC³ News Releases

          Hope this helps,

          Alejandro Barba
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            Re: Parcel Shipment Rating

            FYI, the STB has extended the effective date of the decision to terminate NMFC until January 1, 2008