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  • Deconsolidation Pool Selection

    We have a set-up which includes deconsolidation pools with overlapping regions.

    We are having a problem with the system choosing a pool that doesn't have a rate to the particular location we are going to even though the deconsolidation pool has the location in the region.

    I can't find any restrictions, but can anyone confirm if the system cannot handle overlapping deconsolidation pool regions?



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    Re: Deconsolidation Pool Selection

    Hi Chris,

    As per OTM planning engine algorithm, each location should be linked to one pool only i.e. pools with overlapping regions should not be configured.

    OTM planning engine determine the routing for shipments based on itineraries. If pool is mentioned in itinerary, then it will look for applicable pool location regardless of rates. Once pool location is determined, then it look for valid rates to create shipments. Thus selection of pool is independent of rates availble in the system.

    In case there are more than one pool applicable for a given lane i.e. pools with overlapping regions, OTM selects any one of them regardless of rates.
    Nipun Lakhotia
    Manager, EY


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      Re: Deconsolidation Pool Selection

      Hi Nipun,

      We have a scenario were different source locations (business units) share overlapping regions. don't we have any way out here?

      eg: Location A ---> PoolA ---> Pool A Zip codes (serving few zip codes of CA)
      Location B ---> PoolB ---> Pool B Zip codes (serving entire zip codes of CA and WA)

      Based on our investigation from log file, we found that OTM is looking for a matching common pool for orders from
      Location A to CA zip codes and Location A to WA zip codes and is picking Pool B location instead of Pool A location
      since Pool B has both Zip codes (CA and WA). Tried attaching Location profile in itinerary, but no luck