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  • rating problem

    Hi, everyone, i met a rate problem, i want to know how to set up the following scenario in OTM.
    qty: ctn.
    >420ctn 6600Yuan/420ctn ;
    >840ctn 12100Yuan/840ctn
    ALL orders having same source location and destination location within same day will be rated together.
    for example: there are two orders today, one is 300 ctn, one is 600 ctn. freight cost is calculated based on 900 ctn.

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    Re: rating problem

    Try using rate break profiles to configure above scenario
    Nipun Lakhotia
    Manager, EY


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      Re: rating problem

      i dont think break profiles will solve the issue. If i understand it correctly you want to rate based on "how much was shipped during the day". If thats the case, OTM doesnt give you an "out of the box " rate for that. It calculates the cost based on the individual shipments, and you would need a calculation based on 1 to many SH's. One way to get closer to it is using jobs and job costing, another way could be to use buy and sell where you only build the sell shipments once your "day is over", so the sell shipment would be calculated based on all buy SH from the day...



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        Re: rating problem

        Hi, Oliver, sorry to response very late, because reply to this is forbidden due to company policy. It is solved yesterday.
        you are right, what i want is "how much was shipped during the day", can you give me more information on how to use jobs and job costing to solve this problem? That will be helpful to me. Thanks in advance.


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          Re: rating problem


          Create the rate record using break profile. After all the orders are despatched and created into shipments, Merge the individual shipments into one shipment and do the action RECALCULATE SHIPMENT COST for that single merged shipment. The rerating automatically takes care of the total ctns into account....

          Hope this would be a best option. Revert back if any clarification required.