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Roundtrip Rate Setup?

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  • Roundtrip Rate Setup?

    Can anyone give some tips/instructions on what is needed to set up a roundtrip rate record scenario in OTM? Is it handled in the rate record cost basis or some other place?


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    Re: Roundtrip Rate Setup?


    Check out Static and Dynamic Trips in Ground Schedule. You need to have a,

    A trip template
    An itinerary referring to your trip template
    A rate matching your movement (e.g. charge 10 USD per 1 Shipment total number of stops)
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      Re: Roundtrip Rate Setup?

      You can use a very simple rate to create round trips A-B-A. Rate record Source Location is A, and Destination Region should include both A and B. Problem is that to have OTM create a shipment for this, you need two orders (A-B) and (B-A), you have to ensure the order sequence is set properly, and the rate should allow multiple segments.

      Alternatively, you can set up depot rates, which create shipments that always return back home.

      Most important is to know:
      - What orders do you have that you want on a round trip?
      - Do you have to pay for the round trip if you only have and or order for A-B (empty return)?
      - Do you need track and trace for the entire trip, or just for the order pickups/drops?

      So, based on you detailed business requirement and scenarios, you should pick the most appropriate solution.


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        Re: Roundtrip Rate Setup?

        For A-B-A scenario, you may refer to Multistop Shipment With P/d At Same Location - Oracle OTM / G-Log GC3 Community Support
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