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LTL - Direct vs. Indirect Points

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  • LTL - Direct vs. Indirect Points

    My current client is using SMC RateWare for LTL rating and, while they've considered purchasing SMC's Carrier Connect, it doesn't seem like they want to pursue it at this time.

    I saw another thread where some clients were using Carrier Connect for direct vs. indirect point rating (if I interpreted the thread correctly).

    Can anyone share any experiences that have occurred with other clients? How was this addressed/configured for OTM to recognize the differences?

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    Re: LTL - Direct vs. Indirect Points


    Honestly, I don't know the functional details, but I can confirm that one of our hosting customers is using Carrier Connect. I know - not much to go on, but it does seem to work for them.



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      Re: LTL - Direct vs. Indirect Points

      Indirect LTL lanes means the LTL carrier is outsourcing the lane to a 3rd party carrier. Direct LTL lane means the carrier for hire actual moves the shipment using their own services/carriers. Carrier Connect provides the LTL transit times for both direct and indirect lanes. Clients may want to only use LTL carriers that serve direct lanes as opposed to indirect lanes. Have a client today looking to use carrier connect on v6.1.