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Rate Record "Allow Uncosted Line Items" Usage

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  • Rate Record "Allow Uncosted Line Items" Usage


    Does anyone know the exact usage of the checkbox in Rate Record Header - Allow Uncosted Line Items?

    The reason why i ask about this checkbox is because i encountered a planning fail issue due to "unapplied shipment rate cost line" and "causing infeasible shipment" as seen in log file.

    In my rate record, I have indeed a rate cost line which is not applied to the overall shipment rating. The rate cost line is using "If ship unit line item commodity code is not equal to "ABC", charge $$$", the other rate cost line is "If ship unit line item commodity code is equal to "ABC", charge $". My OR commodity code is ABC.

    The interesting thing is if i check this box "Allow Uncosted Line Items", planning works, or if i take out the rate cost line "not equal to ABC", planning works too.

    Anyone has similar experience in this? will greatly appreciate your kind assistance on this. Thanks!

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    Re: Rate Record "Allow Uncosted Line Items" Usage

    I use this feature when I have multiple active rate lines on 1 rate record. I change the value to use the Maximum line value so that would leave 2 lines unaccounted. This is why the box needs to be checked.


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      My rates are failing with uncosted item and if I checked ALLOW uncosted item in rate record rates are calculated but missing few ship unit lines. Becasue of this our client does not want to allow uncosted items. Is there any other solution to solve the issue?

      Thank you.