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Parcel Rating with basis PACKAGING UNIT COUNT

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  • Parcel Rating with basis PACKAGING UNIT COUNT


    I'm having a parcel rating challenge that I hope someone can help with.......

    Here's an example of my challenge:

    1 - Package count is 32 items per packaging unit
    2 - Weight/rate needs to be calculated on the weight of EACH packaging unit
    So.......if I'm shipping 90 items, I have three packaging units, one with 32 items, another with 32 items, and the last with 26 items for a total of 90 items. Therefore I have three packaging units. This same example further results in one ship unit. It seems that I somehow need to have OTM recognize the three packaging units as three ship units, in order for OTM to calculate/add the freight charges together for all three packaging units to come up with a total shipment cost. I can't really see an opportunity to change my integration mapping as TL and LTL quantities must still calculate the ship units based on our current mapping. This seems to be a parcel-specific challenge.

    Bottom line...there is no basis in the rate basises (sp?) related to packaging units, only to ship units, packages, line items, etc.

    Thoughts? Ideas? SOLUTIONS?!?!?!