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[SOLVED] Rates based on ordertype

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  • [SOLVED] Rates based on ordertype

    can any one help me how to assign the rates for a shipment based on the order type.
    The order type is there in the order base. I have created two new order type :
    if the order type is AIR EXPRESS then one rate should be assigned and
    if the order type is ROAD EXPRESS then other rate should be assigned.

    Please help me out

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    Re: Rates based on ordertype

    Hi Soujanya,

    There are some alternative approaches to achieve what you are looking for.

    OTM allows you to choose a wide range of options upon which to apply the rate record. Unfortunately as for OTM 4.5, the rate record basis options do not include the Order Type but you could use an Order Base Reference Qualifir and Values for the Order Types that you mentioned in the Order Base and then use that as the basis upon which to calculate the rate record. If your version of OTM does not have the order type as an option in the basis list.

    But probably the easier approach would be to assign the Buy Rate Offering or the Buy Rate Record to the Order Base constraints. You could create an Agent that can populate that field after an Order Based has been created depending on the order type. If you need more information, please let me know.

    Hope this helps,

    Alejandro B.
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      Re: Rates based on ordertype

      As Alejandro says, there are quite a few ways of achieving this result. One other suggestion that you could try is to have two different itineraries - one for AIR EXPRESS and one for ROAD EXPRESS.

      Each of these itineraries would have different equipment groups on them and the rates that you have set up would have a rate condition which was based on the type of equipment defined on the itinerary.

      On the order release, you would then restrict each order to the specific itinerary e.g. AIR EXPRESS or ROAD EXPRESS.

      As with most things OTM, there are always 2/3 ways of doing things ;-)


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        Re: Rates based on ordertype

        Hi bmj and Alejandro,

        Thank you for ur reply but i cant use the order refnum qualifier as i am storing some thing else in that(evn i tried this).At the same time i cant use the constatint in the order base as my rates should be picked automatically.

        In the help (Rate Offering) i read the following:

        If you select a Corporation Profile ID, it is used as a constraint during the planning process. A Corporation Profile ID is used to group corporations together that have something in common. When you create a Corporation Profile ID, you select the Corporations that belong to it. Part of setting up Corporations is defining an Involved Party (a contact at the corporation) and an Involved Party Qualifier (the role of this contact).
        If you use this constraint in Rate Offerings, OTM looks at all the Corporations that belong to the Corporation Profile, along with their Involved Parties and their Involved Party Qualifiers. Only rate offerings where there is a match between these involved parties and qualifiers, and the involved parties and qualifiers in the order release, are passed as a viable option.

        When defining the Involved Party of the Corporation, the Location of the Involved Party must match the Location of the Corporation.

        I have done in the same way but the rates are getting assigned even if the involved party is not there for the order release . This constraint is not executing.

        Even I tried by giving in order base refunm qualifier as below:
        I have 2 condition here to check in the rate record.

        if shipment refnum qualifier= TEST1
        if order base refnum qualifier = AIR EXPRESS

        I have return this way in rate record.
        If the shipment refnumqualifier is not there and order base refnum qualifier is there it is assigning the rate.(but it should not assign the values as per the condition i have return)

        but if the orderbase refnum qualifier is not there and shipment refnum qualifier is ther it is not assigning the values.

        I didnot understand how this is happening..

        can u help me out...
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          Re: Rates based on ordertype


          Firstly, when testing using reference qualifiers, make sure you are using order RELEASE reference number qualifiers and not order BASE reference number qualifiers. If you define the order base reference number qualifiers, make sure those are getting correctly copied to the order release.

          Dont forget, just changing the value of an order base reference qualifier will not update the associated order release reference qualifier value. You need to either manually modify it or re-release.

          Secondly, there is no "limit" on the number of different order RELEASE reference number qualifiers you can use. So, if you define AIR EXPRESS and ROAD EXPRESS as order release reference number qualifiers, the rating engine should pick the correct rate based on a rate condition which is checking for the existence of those order release reference qualifiers and associated values. Please confirm if that is not working.

          Thirdly, try the itinerary solution I mentioned in a previous post.

          I would investigate these solutions first before going too far down the Corporations route.

          Post again if you are still having issues with this.