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  • Rating based on distance


    I am trying to do rating based on distance.
    I have tried the different basis in the rate record. But the shipment is not getting rated.
    I also tried specifying the distance in the power data and had assigned the rate distance to rate offering.But still it is not getting rated.
    Kindly suggest on this.


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    Re: Rating based on distance

    Hi - if you run a rate inquiry (RIQ) between the two locations you are trying to build a shipment for, does that return the valid distance that you have entered in power data ? That is the first thing to check i.e. that the distance is being properly retrieved.

    Secondly, what type of rate distance are you using ? (LOOKUP, ESTIMATE etc) ?

    Thirdly, what type of rate service are you using ?


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      Re: Rating based on distance

      Few more checks to BMJ 23's list ;

      1) Is any external sytem is configued to find the Rates ( ex : Pc Miler ) if not is Latitude and Longitude is setup at location level
      2) If not create a Lane and assigin the Distace to That lane
      3) ceate the Rate-Record based on this Lane

      As BMJ mentioned Reate Offering what type of rate distance LOOKUP, ESTIMATE etc) (LOOKUP, ESTIMATE etc) is the Key filed based on this You have to configure you Lanes.