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  • Multi Cost Rule - ADD

    Hello All,

    When configuring a rate that is charged by the quantity of ship units, and it has different costs depending on the stop off location, OTM is spliting the orders into different shipments. For instance:

    Rate Configuration:

    1- If stops at location A, charges USD 100 per ship unit
    2- If stops at location B, charges USD 130 per ship unit

    If there are 10 orders to A and 10 Ordes to B it would generate 2 shipments.

    The multi cost rule is set to Add, but when combining this two stores in the shipment OTM is creating two shipments. Lookingth at a cost wise perspective it makes sense, since having just one shipment would cost the same as e two stores into one shipment. But it also needs one extra truck each of them would not be load very effective, with lots of empty space. Is there any parameter or configuration that if the cost is the same, OTM would merge the shipments into one without using weighted cost to simulate that?


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    Re: Multi Cost Rule - ADD

    You need to have a look at the Itinerary First. This will determine if you are able to build Multi-stop shipments.
    James Foran
    Toll Global Information Services


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      Re: Multi Cost Rule - ADD

      Itinerary is set to multistop. If I force multistop it works, but I want to consolidate during the bulk plan.


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        Re: Multi Cost Rule - ADD

        Hi Daniel,

        Check in the logic configuration for Multi stop, if the Rate Distance is 'estimate'. I faced a similar problem in 6.1 and I had to change rate distance in both the logic configuration and rate offerring to 'Lookup else estimate'. You can choose the one that suits you but let it be same in both the places. Also there could be some more planning parameters to look at such as 'do multistop first'.


        Rahul Sharma
        Junior Member
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          Re: Multi Cost Rule - ADD

          Thats correct. If its set to Estimate caused OTM to think the distance between the source and destination was something like 9999999 miles.So, because the mileage is so high, the service time is not feasible (for same day pickup/delivery).