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    Iam trying to explore the Bulk Rating feature of OTM for re-rating the shipments and simultaneously monitoring their progress.
    I created some shipments for bulk rating ,after that i run the bulk rating engine for selected shipments,but the shipments are not re-rated.can anyone suggest what could be the reason behind this.

    if anyone have idea about this feature please help to me.

    Anyhelp highly appreciated.


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    Re: Bulk Rating

    Take one shipment and see if you can rate it via an agent using the Assign Rate agent action. It may not be the Bulk Rating that is failing, it may be that your data (shipments and rates) are not set up correctly to rate the shipments you are passing in.

    The reasons that shipments are not rated are vast and you will need to narrow things down through investigation of why the rating engine is not rating your data.