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[SOLVED] Service Times not applying for intermodal rating

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  • [SOLVED] Service Times not applying for intermodal rating


    Up to this point, for distance calculation, LTL was calculated based on PC Miler and Intermodal with a default Service Time of Seconds. In our present environment/setup, we don't use dates and therefore the transit times were used in this manner.

    Moving forward we are changing our model to reflect accurate transit times for both LTL and Intermodal. I setup the Service Time table based in seconds on the information provided by the Intermodal carriers. However, when doing a rate lookup, the transit times don't always match the transit times provided at times exceeding while at other times not meeting the days entered by as much as 3 and 4 days.

    SERVICE_TIME table was loaded as part of loading Intermodal rates. The SERVICE_TIME_VALUE and SERVICE_TIME_VALUE_BASE were set
    to the calculated value in Seconds, the UOM was set to S, and TRANSIT TIMES
    DAYS were set blank. I later uploaded with the calculated transit times, but
    this file failed to upload.

    The Rate Service Id within the Rate Offering indicates the correct one. We use the SCAC of the TL carrier and Rate Service Type is Lookup.

    Any thoughts why the Service Times are not applying?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Service Times not applying for intermodal rating


    My first thought is that I believe that the service days/transit time is a required field for that rate service type (lookup). If you take a look at your rate service you will notice that there are blue stars on the lane ID and Service Days. Even though the blue star doesnt mean its required, its required wink wink (OTM is funny that way). This is the reason that your csv is failing. I would look at alternatives in your rate service setup to solve this issue and/or take a look at getting the csv to load properly.

    My suggestion to get the csv to load without the service days is to mark the XValidate = N when you load the csv. This will allow null in fields that previously had data or that require data.

    Let me know how this goes or if someone else has other suggestions.