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  • Rate breaks

    Hi, I am trying to build a rate that applies different port handling costs depending on the number of equipment groups (in this case containers) in each B/L. In this particular case one shipment = 1 container. The different shipments/containers that are in the same B/L are grouped in the same job, so the bases of the rate could be "job number of primary buy shipments" The rate break costs looks something like this:
    • 1 container in B/L = €74
    • 2 containers in B/L = €119
    • 3 containers in B/L = €160
    • 4 containers in B/L = €199
    • 5 containers in B/L = €231
    • 8 containers in B/L = €265
    I have tried several things, but nothing works. ¿Has anyone faced a similar situation or can thing on how this could be resolved?

    Thank you