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Automatically deleteion of Approved Invoice.Urgent

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  • Automatically deleteion of Approved Invoice.Urgent

    Kinda encountered a wierd scenario.
    I got a order xxxx..
    It has a order release xxxx_1_0 with 2 TL shipments(executed) with respective 2 POL_Hi shipments with approved invoices with postings gone to SAP.
    Someone added a new release instruction in the order xxxx and released the order.
    Now I got two ORs xxxx_1_0 and xxxx_1_1.

    Now this release of OB has triggered a chain of events right upto the invoice level.

    The main shipments are not affected but the POL_HI shipments went into SECURE RESOURCES WITHDRAWN and the invoices(approved) got deleted.

    Now my question this a bug in the configuration or a expected functionality that an approved invoice gets deleted.
    Found a new thing in the Agent...Instead of any checks for approved invoices..It has been written as CLEANUP ALL...Now is this a rite way to do the things..
    P.S:- Somebody Pls its really urgent.
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