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  • Insurance costs

    Hello All,

    We are implementing OTM in a retail (e-commerce) company in Brazil and we are using only the buy shipment side. I am facing now the following issue:

    I have an insurance cost which is a % of the declared value of the item but the insurance is paid by the company to the transportation company (the final customer does not pay the insurance cost). So the total cost paid to the transportation company is the Cost of freight + insurance and it should be showed in the voucher to be paid.

    I cannot use the accessorial cost because it considers the cost of freight and not the declared value of the item.

    Does anybody has any idea how I can see this insurance cost on the voucher ?

    Thanks a lot and best Regards,

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    You'll have to do something with Secondary Charges to generate a non-transport shipment. This method is typically used to create place holder shipments for carrier rebates commonly found in rail. I don't see why you can't use this same feature to create a non-transport shipment for the purposes of creating charging insurance to a party other than the carrier that the freight charges should be paid to. The good thing about this method is that you can receive and pay an invoice other than the one from the carrier.