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Different Settlement processes for the same SCAC

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  • Different Settlement processes for the same SCAC

    We currently have a requirement to have different settlement methods for the same SCAC. For example, some Maesk shipments we want to auto-settle with the Autopay checkbox based on EDI, but some other Maesk shipments will settle through receiving an invoice and matching that invoice to a shipment for approval.

    What is the best way to set this up?

    Would we have 2 service providers MAEU and MAEU-INV (for shipments that require an invoice). Would we then set the Servprov Alias for both of them to DOMAIN.MAEU.

    How have other people tackled the issus of having different shipments with different payment processes for the same carrier

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    Re: Different Settlement processes for the same SCAC

    Hi Graham,

    On your EDI process you are receiving an EDI310 - matching to a valid shipment. Or are you getting shipment info via EDI?

    IF EDI310:

    I would uncheck the AutoPay on the Service Provider and use workflow agents.
    Create an Invoice workflow agent where the the event is Invoice Created - Integration only, have a saved condition where service provider = MAEU. In the actions run match shipment and approve invoice.

    IF Shipment info is being sent via EDI:
    Create a workflow agent that listens for Shipment Create - Integration Saved Condition where SERVPROV = MAEU. Action would be to Generate Invoice, Approve Invoice.

    Let me know if you need any addtional help.

    Jane Smith