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Partial Auto Approval of invoices from EDI

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  • Partial Auto Approval of invoices from EDI


    Consider the following business scenario-
    1. Shipment cost is 100 USD.
    2. Invoice from service provider comes in via EDI for 120 USD.
    3. The contract with the service provider says that in this case we will short pay to the extent of shipment cost. i.e. invoice will be approved for 100 USD only.
    4. Service provider can dispute the same and if they win they will send in an invoice for the disputed 20 USD.

    The question is when a invoice comes into OTM through integration and gets auto matched, can we auto approve (no manual intervention) it to the extent of shipment cost only? If yes, how?


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    Re: Partial Auto Approval of invoices from EDI

    hi, there is an action 'approve adjusted costs'...and I think you can automate that via an agent when the new invoice comes in. I am not sure what you mean by 'to the extent of shipment costs only'? the only important part of approving an invoice is SHIPMENT COST.

    This is how the whole cycle works:
    First incoice 120, you approve 100. 100 allocated to order(s) if you allocate.
    Second incoive for 20, also gets matched and approved , 20 is allocated to order for this separate invoice.
    So the shipment has 2 invoices against it, each approved and allocated if needed. total amount is 120.
    You may be able to use another agent action 'Approve Invoice' (not the 'Adjusted one', if your scenario is as below...

    Is the problem that you want to only auto approve the 'extra' invoice for 20 and for the 'normal' invoice you want to do normal/manual approval? If this is the case, you have to identify the second invoice as 'supplemental' somehow...One way to do this is to do an IF in an agent to count the number of INVOICES for a given shipment in SHIPMENT_INVOICE TablLe and if more than one, use 'Auto Approve' action on the new one coming in, else leave it alone.
    There should be no issue with this.