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Provincial VAT - Calculation

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  • Provincial VAT - Calculation

    Hi All

    Iam in the process of calculating the provincial VAT. I have done my configuration as per the core competence book. I have created order base with involved parties(PLANNER and BILL-TO), released orders, built my shipment with the VAT planning parameter(VAT CONFIGURATION ID=MY VAT CONFIGURATION ID), Buy shipment Tendered and accepted, Generated Invoice.

    When I run the action " Calculate Provincial VAT" on the invoice manager, the VAT is not getting calculated. The VAT analysis remains blank with no VAT CODE and VAT AMOUNT.

    Can some one help me out with the set up or any aditional configuration that i need to carry out .

    Thanks & Regards

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    Re: Provincial VAT - Calculation

    I, can you also check that the planning parameter VOUCHER VAT TAX TYPE is set to Provincial?

    I assume this is so , but please check.

    As VAT setup is extensive, it is hard ot give further advice without looking at your config. If you get stuck , consider posting screen shots or a document of your configuration.

    Good Luck



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      Re: Provincial VAT - Calculation

      Hi Leo

      My VOUCHER VAT TAX TYPE is set to Provincial Vat in my planning parameter set.Still i am unable to calculate VAT.

      Thanks & Regards


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        Re: Provincial VAT - Calculation

        Hi - have you configured:

        * A VAT Registration
        * Assigned that VAT Registration to a Corporation (country or province level)
        * Set planning parameter "PROVINCIAL VAT CONFIGURATION ID" to your configuration
        * Configured a Province Code Profile with associated provinces
        * Configured a VAT code with associated percentage
        * Configured a VAT configuration with Tax Type "Provincial VAT" pointing to the country and appropriate invovled party
        * Configured the VAT Configuration detail pointing at the appropriate source and destination province codes

        Run through that check list and if you are still having problems post the part of the log files which shows when the action is being run. That should explain why no tax is being calculated.


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          Re: Provincial VAT - Calculation

          Hi Enjoy...

          You have done everything perfect, but you have set default parameter as your VAT planning parameter. Pls follow the below steps and then try calculating VAT.

          * Login as admin
          * Go to Domain settings
          * Choose your domain
          * Change the parameter set id of your user from default to your VAT parameter id
          * Then try calculating vat.

          This is because OTM checks for Parameter set ID once again when you click calculate provincial VAT which will be default and not your VAT parameter id. So you need to set your VAT parameter set id as default id for your user.

          Hope it will clear your doubt...


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            Re: Provincial VAT - Calculation


            The VAT set up works fine and Vat analysis part showed the VAT amount with the VAT code only when i changed the VAT Planning Parameter as my DEFAULT Parmeter set.Thanks for the help.

            Thanks & Regards
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              Re: Provincial VAT - Calculation

              What is the Core Competence book that you are referring to?