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[SOLVED] ...some about invoices

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  • [SOLVED] ...some about invoices

    Hi all in this forum. I hope anyone can help me for a problem in configuring OTM invoices creation system. I'm doing excercises in GC3 Core Competence 4.0... I'm very newbye.
    Supposing I've to create XXX_ANTELOPE_LINE service provider, I've to set some rules for matching invoices data relating freight settlement. Rules I've to set are for ALLOCATION, AUTO APPROVE and MATCH the invoice. The exercise explain I've to set rules id: ALLOC BY WEIGHT PROFILE, AUTO APPROVE COST and MATCH BOL SCAC PROFILE. First I haven't on my db these rules. By the way, could someone explain me how i can create these and with what values? I'm training me for understand invoices validation process because i've to map some data from a legacy txt file on a xml file for computing it on OTM.

    Thanks a lot in advance,

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    Re: ...some about invoices

    It would seem that the OTM environment you are using doesnt have the "ALLOC BY WEIGHT PROFILE" allocation rule profile, the "AUTO APPROVE COST" auto approval rule profile or the "MATCH BOL SCAC PROFILE" match rule profile set up. On the original OTM training environments (on which the material you are using is based), those were already set up and configured, probably in the PUBLIC domain.

    If you are still trying to figure out how this works, your best bet is to probably try to configure your own:

    1. Match rules / match rule profiles
    2. Auto approval rules / auto approval rule profiles
    3. Allocation rules / allocation rule profiles

    ...and then relate these to the service providers you are trying to create.


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      Re: ...some about invoices

      Thanks a lot bmj! I've create my own profiles by hand. Effectively was quite simple.
      Sorry but I'm training me to OTM and I'm newbye yet


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        Re: ...some about invoices

        gi.devincenzi, everyone has to start somewhere. Glad you managed to get it working.