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GL codes for accessorials

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  • GL codes for accessorials

    Hi, I am trying to assign a GL code to a sell shipment for a specific accessorial code. When I try to assign the GL it errors saying it cannot match the code to the cost code, which is actually the base cost.

    I can successfully assignn GL codes for cost types (except A),service providers, locations etc it seems only to have a problem with accessorial codes and accessorial cost types.

    If I manually add the accesorial code to the base cost line the GL code sucessfully adds to both the base cost line and the accessorial cost line.

    Anyone seen this before or know if it is a known bug? OTM 5.5 CU5 by the way.

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    Re: GL codes for accessorials

    Apparently this is the way that OTM works.

    According to Metalink Note 469191.1
    The issue is caused by the following setup:
    Not all costs can be allocated a General Ledger (GL) code.
    When allocating GL codes to the shipment OTM must be able to allocate a General Ledger Code to every cost.
    With the existing configuration one of the two costs on the shipment, the Base Cost, will not have a GL code allocated as there is no code that can be used.
    The solution is to create all General Ledger Codes as needed by the business requirements and also create a generic code that will be applied to all other costs.
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