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  • Recurring Processes

    We have a Recurring Process to create vouchers for all invoices. This process works fine but I am unable to run ad-hoc.

    This is how I am attempting to run it by hand.
    go to "Recurring Processes" and find the "Process All Invoices" job, select it and click "Finish"
    Then on the schedule screen I change the radio button from "Schedule" to "Now" and Click submit.
    The result is always "Successfully Scheduled" with the date and time of the previous schedule and it does not seem to run it Now as I asked.

    Has anyone experienced this?

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    Re: Recurring Processes

    I have seen this also.

    If you create a new process, it sould work as expected, and you will get a "View Logs" button appearing also.
    James Foran
    Toll Global Information Services


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      Re: Recurring Processes

      I find the best way to run a recurring process immediately is to:
      1) copy the existing schedule Date/time to clipboard (assuming you want to reschedule to this time when finished)
      2) change the existing schedule date / time to the current date / time (exactly)
      3) leave the schedule radio button selected
      4) submit.
      the screen should change and have a View Log button if successful..
      5) click the browser Back button
      6) overwrite the schedule Date / time with the clipboard
      7) submit
      now the schedule for the process will be back where it was before.

      Gary Cunningham