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Invoice Amount Due does not match invoice line item amount

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  • Invoice Amount Due does not match invoice line item amount


    There is unique situation where in the subsequent subsequent accessorial shipment cost got added to initial invoice since the invoice was not in approved status. The expected behavior is
    - Initial invoice gets approved
    - all subsequent accessorial shipment cost goes on to new invoice

    In order to fix it- Additional invoice line items and its corresponding shipment costs and remarks were deleted manually from the system. After deletion the invoice was submitted for approval.
    What was observed was that Amount Due on invoice header did not change to match the amounts on the invoice line item. What is the reason for this behavior? This is OTM 6.3.1 version.

    What needs to be done so that Invoice Header Amount due is recalculated and it total of the amounts on the invoice line item? Please advise.

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    I had the similar requirement for the bills and it was working fine
    Created shipment with 100$ initially
    Generated bill for the same 100$ and approved
    Adjusted cost of 15 $ then generated bill again and it created for the remaining amount FOR 15$ as expected(In the second bill you will have 3 line which is +100,-100,+15).
    I hope this is your requirement and also can you share the screen shots of the step by step that your performing.