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  • Consolidated Bill/ Invoice


    I am trying to use the action 'Create consolidated Invoice' to create consolidated bill for sell side shipment at the sub-domain level.
    But the consolidated bill (Parent) is created at the master domain.
    I checked for the automation agents too. But didnt find an alternative.
    Could anyone suggest on this?


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    Re: Consolidated Bill/ Invoice

    HI Uma

    Where are you running the action from? the master or sub-domain.


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      Re: Consolidated Bill/ Invoice

      Hi uma /Bill .

      I have question how do we create parent invoice .Usually when i select the option Create Invoice from Shipment actions it creates Standard invoice .

      Can parent invoice be created only Manually?

      When we try to associate a child invoice to the parent invoice will the child invoice appears as a new line item on the parent or it just adds up to the existing Amount in the parent Invocie .



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        Re: Consolidated Bill/ Invoice

        Hi Kishore

        You create the parent invoice by selecting any number of standard invoices then in the shipment actions screen selecting create consolidated invoice. This will then turn your standard invoices into child invoices and also create your parent.

        Your child will not be added as a line on your parent buth rather it will be associated with the parent invoice. The invoice amount on the child will add to the total cost of the parent.

        Hope that helps.



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          Re: Consolidated Bill/ Invoice


          Thanks for your reply.

          I have created two invoice with VAT amount on them.

          invoice A - BASE AMT usd 50 VAT AMTusd 4

          INVOICE B- Base Amt usd 50 vat amt usd 4

          i have created a parent invoice in the parent invoice i can see Base amount as usd 100 and vat amt as usd 8 .

          When i use the option approve invoice its showing both the child invocies with base amount only I.e USD 50 .

          Why the VAT amount is not displayed ?

          After approving the invoice .

          i allocated the parent invoice to vocher .

          it has created two vochers one with base amount as usd 100 and other with Base amount as USD 54 .

          Please help me in understanding why does it create two Vocher ?

          Please let me if have done something wrong with the process .