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Transportation Intelligence and Cost Tracking

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  • Transportation Intelligence and Cost Tracking

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know if OTM has the ability to track individual order costs, cost by customer location, cost by carrier and pool center? Ideally we would like to have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cost reporting. It looks like the Dashboard has KPI's such as Cost per Shipment or Total Cost over the month but since we don't have the Transportation Intelligence installed we're not sure how flexible TI is for the other KPI's we would like to track such as capturing additional costs incurred due to late deliveries by carrier or canceled appointments by customer.

    We'd certainly appreciate it if anyone can share their experience working with TI.


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    Re: Transportation Intelligence and Cost Tracking


    What I know of TI is that it is delivered with fixed indicators. You can't do too much on it to change it. But if there is a KPI you can use for that it should be fine.

    But looking at what you are requesting, I think you should look at the allocation tables. You can allocate all costs to an order release (from a shipment). If you then write a report/query you should be able to get everything out what you want. At least I could for a customer who asked a bit of the same.

    Best regards,

    Bob Romijn
    Best Regards,

    Bob Romijn