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  • Procurement Module Question

    Here is a question for a section of OTM which I do not have any experience with:

    Can the carrier submit one bid on lane bundles and another bid for each individual lane if all were not awarded?

    A carrier might reply differently if they are awarded all the lanes which they are interested in. For example, there are three lanes in which if awarded would respond with one rate but if not all three are awarded another rate would apply. Can these types of conditions be setup in the Procurement functions or does this have to be done outside the system?

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    Re: Procurement Module Question


    I have not witnessed OTM allowing to submit 2 different bids for same lane based on lane bundles and individual lanes. Carriers have to give their rates for each lanes individually.

    A carrier response template (CRT) can be generated and sent to the carrier. In this CRT, the carrier can enter either a flat cost or a variable cost.

    Carrier has the option to bid for prefered lanes alone. Its not mandatory for the carrier to bid for all the lanes.

    You may use bid rounds, where in carrier can update his rates and re-submit the bids again.