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OTM Procurement Module and 3rd party modules

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  • OTM Procurement Module and 3rd party modules

    We are looking at different options surrounding procurement modules to assist in our RFP's. We are on version 5.0 and have the procurement module, however our experience with it has not been very positive. From the few people that I have spoken to they share the same experience that the module is cumbersome and difficult to design as they wish it to.

    With that said, I wanted to get more opinions of the OTM module, both good and bad as well as any other procurement software packages that you may have used in cooperation with OTM.

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    Re: OTM Procurement Module and 3rd party modules

    You are not along with other customers that have struggled with using sourcing in some of the older versions of OTM. What we have found is that building a proper carrier communication strategy, data templates for managing lanes and bids, as well as a overall strategy for awarding lanes can make older versions of OTM easier to use. If you look at the link below you will see a presentation done by one of my Clients Family Dollar and how they use Sourcing in 5.5.

    I feel with the correct configuration and supporting tools (Spreadsheet templates, notification, Carrier Training, Carrier Communication Documents) the current tool you are using can provide benefit to your company.
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      Re: OTM Procurement Module and 3rd party modules

      In OTM Procurement the bid allotment is based on only fixed cost in 5.5. It doesnot consider variable cost.

      Oracle had confirmed earlier that its an issue with 5.5. Not sure whether its been rectified in future version.