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Raising a Shipment Event with an Agent

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  • Raising a Shipment Event with an Agent

    Hello all,

    I'm wondering if there's any way to raise a Shipment Event (say, Estimated Departure [EST_DEPARTURE Event Group]) with an Agent. From what I've seen, each Shipment Event is processed like a Transmission / Transaction from OTM to itself using a CLOB with the <ShipmentStatus> XML element, so there's no way to do this through a Direct SQL Update. And, to be specific, i mean events with statuses, not the Agent Events you can raise with the RAISE EVENT and RAISE INTERNAL EVENT Agent Actions.

    As a related question, for any of you with experience using / playing with the Shipment Event Tracker agent and agent events, is there a way to have it recognize Event Groups marked solely for internal use, i.e. SELL SIDE TENDERED? Basically, I'm trying to get the agent to fire when i tender the shipment rather than having to enter an event.

    I'll be glad to elaborate if I'm not clear.



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    Re: Raising a Shipment Event with an Agent

    The only way I have found to raise an event in OTM is manual event entry or XML persist ShipmentStatus.xml


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      Re: Raising a Shipment Event with an Agent

      Hi sblackman1
      a way to do it, not simple, but using agent is:

      1. Modeling a XSL in order to filter a standard output XML PLANNED SHIPMENT interface in a SHIPMENT STATUS transmission corresponding to the Event that you want to simulate. To have an XML file where working on you could export a shipment with some events and isolate SHIPMENT STATUS zone

      2. Create an external system linked to your otm servlet for xml import, using XSL as transformation

      3. In a agent (based on Shipment..) call action send transmission , using external system of point 2. Then OTM receive in Input a Transmission similar to event manually insert, you have only to manage where to retreive (in xsl transformation) event date.

      Stefano Giommi

      e: [email protected]


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        Re: Raising a Shipment Event with an Agent

        Hi Stefano,

        Great workaround. Could you throw some more light into configuring this workaround & any caveats around using this approach. My requirement is to log a Shipment Dispatch (CP) event which will be set by an Agent.

        Appreciate early response.



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          Re: Raising a Shipment Event with an Agent

          Hi Naveen,
          You may refer to another post:
          Joseph Liang
          MavenWire APAC