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  • Multiple Object Action Checks


    We have a business requirement to have an action checks on multiple object's gid. For example, if user selects multiple shipments and all the selected shipment belongs to the same order release then we want to display an error message before it can actually perform an action such as spot cost.

    At the moment, action checks is running the attached saved condition for each object. Hence, if the user selects three shipments then it will run the saved condition three times for each shipment gid. In that way, we can't check whether all those three shipment is from the same order release or not.

    Has anyone tried to configure this before? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Multiple Object Action Checks

    Hi Andi
    I understand what you are looking for but I don't believe you will find a simple solution.
    OTM will run seperate processes for each action triggered - so if you have 10 shipments checked and 10 threads available they will all run concurrently and seperately.
    Also there is no way to pop up a message.

    One way to approach this might be to get the action to flag the Shipments - then have a seperate process run to look at the flagged shipments. There's still no way to pop up a message though - you could always send the user an email or Message Centre message.

    Gary Cunningham


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      Re: Multiple Object Action Checks

      hi Andi,

      I have some workaround solution for you,

      Make changes in the Screenset of Shipment and see that the Order Release XID is populated beside the Shipment Gid and this will help the user from not selecting related shipments.

      I hope this will be of some help to you.



      Raveendranath Thalapalli