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Agent to rate a sell side SAW

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  • Agent to rate a sell side SAW


    I've created a XML Sell Side shipment linking it to several order releases and it loads with no issues (and on the first try none less). Though, my agent is not firing to rate the sell side shipment. I'm passing the carrier (service provider) in on the shipment and I just need it to rate it.

    Now it has been a while since I played with agents (3 or so year), but thought this would be pretty easy stealing from the "out-of-the-box" SAW agent. I just added the a re-rate of the Sell Side Shipment. My guess is it is the "saved condition", but I'm not sure. Any help or guidance on where to looked would be appreciated. Running 5.0 as the version of OTM


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    Re: Agent to rate a sell side SAW

    A common mistake often committed and a reason for Agents not firing is not selecting the Restriction in the Agent Header screen, If at all your Agent Event has restrictions then you need to select all of "INTEGRATION INTERNAL and USER" by holding the Shift key for the Agent event to fire on integrations. Also make sure your Agent is active, I would first look at these two things and then go step by step to debug.