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Need Agent Action to Redrive Shipment

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  • Need Agent Action to Redrive Shipment

    I have setup an agent for Shipment Object. I have a current requirement where I need to Redrive shipment when I receive a new start time (when receiving the Shipment Actuals). By redrive, I mean, I require the agent to recalculate a new end time based on the new start time and recalculate transit time.

    Is there an existing agent action to carry out this requirement ? Has anybody come across such a requirement?

    Please let me know. Any suggestion would be helpful
    Thank You

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    Re: Need Agent Action to Redrive Shipment

    I believe that you need to use the "Assign Rate" functionality to perform this.

    You may need to look at fixing the Service Provider and the stop times of the first stop, and possibly the Rate prior to using this action.
    James Foran
    Toll Global Information Services


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      Re: Need Agent Action to Redrive Shipment

      Also will need to check 'Is Fixed' for any accessorial charges which were manually entered on the shipment. If this is not checked this will be deleted and only rate according to the rate offering and rate record accessorial charges.