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Error Handling in Agents

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  • Error Handling in Agents

    Hi :

    In the Agent exception handler , is there anyway we can grab the Error message thrown by the system ?

    I am looking something like a pre-defined variable or object we can use to getting the details of the error ?

    Thanks for your help and as always it has been great to be part of this group.

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    Re: Error Handling in Agents

    In the agent error handler, setup a notify contact, by EMAIL.
    OTM will send you the entire error message.


    - Mike


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      Re: Error Handling in Agents

      Hi Jay,

      We use the Notify contact, however, rather than email, we use Message Center. THis writes the message into the PROBLEM database table, which you can then report on an analyse.

      We created our own Stylesheet Profile also, which was based on the SHIPMENT_EVENT_BY_FAX style template, as this is plain text, and much easier to report on.

      Sending these messages to the Message Center also ensures that everyone has visibility to the error, rather than just the mail recipient.
      James Foran
      Toll Global Information Services


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        Re: Error Handling in Agents


        One way you can simulate knowing when an agent fails and handling it - is as follows:

        At the beginning of the agent initialise a variable with the value 1

        Then at various stages during the course of the agent increment the variable value.

        When the agent fails - test for the variable value in the Error Handler and then take what ever actions are necessary.

        There is no way that I know of to understand the actual Error and Handle it within the agent.

        Gary Cunningham