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Configuration of SMTP in otm

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  • Configuration of SMTP in otm

    Hi All,

    We are building a new OTM 5.5 environment for our internal training.. I need to understand the SMTP configuration that needs to be set inorder that OTM sends out notificiation to any email ids -
    Following parameters in are configured with the SMTP server I have -

    However if the "from user" specified in parameter
    is registered with that SMTP and if the recipient's email address is for .e.g googlemail., we get an exception in glog.exception.log as "javax.mail.SendFailedException: 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for [email protected]", however if receipients address is same as the from address, in such case then no exception is received in glog.exception.log and email is not received in my inbox.

    It would great if anybody could help us by letting us know what type smtp server is required by OTM for e.g. anonymous smtp, relay enabled smtp.. what is that..


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    Re: Configuration of SMTP in otm


    I assume that when you say the recipient's email address is the same you mean that they are both in the same domain. The 550 error is telling you that you cannot send (relay) email from OTM through your smtp server to another domain. However sending email to a user on the same domain is not affected. This is usually the default out of the box configuration for most email servers to prevent SPAM from being forwarded through open relays. What you need to do is to configure your smtp server to accept relays from either the internal subnet that the OTM app server is on or the specific IP for the app server if you don't want to allow relaying to everyone on the subnet. If you're using sendmail I would check out for more info on specific configurations.