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Business Number Rule for SHIPMENT_XID

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  • Business Number Rule for SHIPMENT_XID


    I have a requirement where we need our shipment xid to be a reference number value (from the shipment) plus a sequential number. Per this requirement I have tried to change the business number rule for SHIPMENT_XID.DEFAULT to {r*:xml=REFNUM/PO}-{nnnnn:start=01000} instead of just {nnnnn:start=01000}.

    In addition to this I've also edited the BN CONTEXT ID on the business number type of SHIPMENT_XID from EMPTY_CONTEXT to SHIPMENT_CONTEXT.

    Unfortunately, this did not work. I keep on getting -01000 instead of what I would like which is PO-01000. Does anyone have experience with changing the shipment xid via bn rules? I've also tried this with {r*:xml=BASE}-{nnnnn:start=01000} and {r*:xml=REFNUM/GLOG}-{nnnnn:start=01000} and neither of those worked. With both of those I kept on getting -01000. When i put in just {r*:xml=BASE} without the extension, I just get an error where OTM says that it cannot create a XID with a null value. In any case, if anyone knows how to make this work please let me know!


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    Re: Business Number Rule for SHIPMENT_XID

    hi have you been able to solve this .. we are stuck in a similar posn


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      Re: Business Number Rule for SHIPMENT_XID

      Are you saying you want to include in the shipment xid a refnum of that shipment? If so, this is not possible. The BNG runs before persisting the shipment in the database, so shipment refnums do not exist at that time.


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        Re: Business Number Rule for SHIPMENT_XID

        We are trying to prefix the source location GID to the Invoice followed by a running number ....


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          Re: Business Number Rule for SHIPMENT_XID

          We were able to configure the following scenario and it is working when we test it. But, when we use it for the transaction, it is not working:

          Scenario: To generate invoice number as "INV-<Location ID>-<Running Number>"

          Output in Test BN Type: "INV-<Location ID>-<Running Number>"

          Invoice Number Generated using shipment settlement actions: "INV--000001", etc. - Location ID is not displayed.

          Can someone help us crack this?
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            I assume this is still not solved until now at 2020 current otm verion. Shipment_xid is a default BN type, then we can't change its context to different value other than empty context, then we can't use any r*:xml..
            Please let us know if there another way..


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              You may want to ask Oracle in their Ideas Lab (requires Oracle Account):