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[SOLVED] User Defined Error Messages

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  • [SOLVED] User Defined Error Messages

    hi ,
    Is there any option in the OTM to define "User defined Error", if the rates are not defind and trying to create a shipment then an Error message which is defined by the user should be displayed other than internal error message.Is it possible in Otm?

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    Re: User Defined Error Messages

    I dont think you can do what you are looking for.

    If, for example, a shipment cannot be built because the rates are not set up correctly, the best way to trouble shoot that is via the log files (regardless of how difficult those can be to read if you dont understand what the shipment creation process is actually doing). There is no easy way to make that easier to "fix".

    The Rate Inquiry tool, RIQ, is a good way of checking that your rates "work", without actually trying to load order bases / order releases and building shipments.

    If you have specific issues in trying to create shipments, turn on the appropriate level of logging, and then look at the end of the log file when you have tried to create a shipment and post the error message on this forum and I am sure someone will help you resolve the issue



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      Re: User Defined Error Messages

      in the attached doc you will find a description how to configure it; but bare in mind that it needs a lot of investigation in terms of "internal error" translated to "guiding the user to the prob".

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        Re: User Defined Error Messages

        Thank u oliver,
        Thank u for the dcument what u have sent.It is really helpfull .